Friday, February 6, 2009

I have been busily learning the digital and chemical radiology processes for the over-winter crew, so have not had much chance to use the new fabulous flip video camera Tel and Jay gave me. Apparently, the whale was the least of my misses. It seems there was an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT on base here just before I arrived. Jello wrestling. Yes, you heard (or rather read) that right - jello wrestling. It is not just for late night TV or Detroit anymore. Being the progressiove place we are, Mac Towners apparently had a jello werestling contest (no nudity, no alcohol), and invited the kiwis from the NZ base. Unfortunately, some higher up NSF and Raytheon people were in town, and they questioned the residue left in the building, which resulted in a fact finding mission and one dismissal. It hasd apparently hit the NZ press as well. I have got to get up to speed before I miss ALL the good stuff here.

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