Saturday, July 4, 2009

midwinter and beyond (kind of like..."To Infinity and Beyond"

Well, let's see. Can I catch up those three sad reader who are obviously desperate for entertainment? I don't know. I t may be hard to beat Tyvex suits but I will try. Midwinter Dinner (the midseason large celebration down here) went off exceedingly well. Lots of fun for everyone with some very nice touches: the theme was historic antarctic Midwinter dinner, and the menu format and font was copied from Scott's own (but we ate a tad better), there was live acoustic music, great mixing with the kiwis from the other side of the hill, and lots of photos. The next week was the midwinter run, so I will be posting photos of that as well. Bet you can't find me in the pack. It is like "Where's Waldo - the Antarctic version of the home game!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time warp

Well, How remiss have Hedgie and I been - we have neither of us posted for almost two months!
The monthly box from the girls back home revealed a wonderful birthday surprise : a JJimmy Buffett concern in a box complete with grass skirts, cocnut bra, Live by the Bay CD, and liquid refreshments. You are the greatest! Hedgie mumbled something about wanting a cheeseburger in this little islend paradise, snagged 2 margarita for he and is little Russian bride, and they are even now sleeping it off under the table.

Tel's wedding has come and gone, and I am gearing up on all fronts; between midwinter dinner prep and rolling over a thrid of the base through first aid and CPR training in a three week span, and still keeping up with my normal case load, I am definately learning new ways to be even more efficient.
One interesting break away was working at the waste watwer treatment plant for four days helping to clean out the tanks. You haven't lived till you have shoveled caked poo out of a pit in Antarctica in a tyvex suit. Photos will be forthcoming!
Mid winter Dinner is this weekend, and I will have some stuff to post as well after that (complete with photos!).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

more snow day photos!

what snow day is compleet without a snow angel by Hedgie handler?

second dig out

Well, we had our second big cat 2 snowstorm, and I guess you have just never lived until you have crawled up a door and through a vent hole in order to shovel out and chip out the ice from a boiler room so the mechanic can get in to fix the heat. I am telling everyone the bruise on my cheek is because I took Mike (our Boiler mechanic who is about 6'2" and 230lb) the best 2 out of 3 rounds.

another classis photo of me

Here is another classic photo of me dressed for the weather in 2 coats, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of pants and two paiors of sock - adds to the casual Antarctic "fluffy" look - no slimming silohettes down here ladies!

First snow day dig out (including hut 10 - where a window got broken and the plumber Wally just chillin'