Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/12/09 Thurs
Not the best start to the day. I introduced myself to some new people in the galley at breakfast as an FNG and further proved it to them (as if they had a doubt), by mispronouncing FNG. I must say humility goes well with a side of granola. Apparently it is a day for growth and opportunity everywhere. I learned a new game after dinner in the lounge: musical chairs. Not the old fashioned kind. Here are the rules:
1. Be in the packed lounge in the evening when there is someone slightly inebriated after work hours and join them for watching a movie
2. Wait for their fluid intake to get the better of them
3. When they answer the call of nature, no sooner has the lounge door closed behind them than someone whispers “Musical chairs,” and everyone grabs their drink/book/knitting/soduku/snack and shuffles their seating position.
4. When the slightly blurry eyes imbiber returns, act as if nothing happened and wait the three minutes (or more, depending on their blood alcohol levels) for them to realize they no longer have a seat.
5. If said returning person has little to no sense of humor, it is best to make sure one of the firefighters is involved in the game to help forestall another game from occurring – Lounge Wars where furniture becomes projectiles and pillows are irrepairably damaged.
Remember what your mother told you about it all being fun and games until someone loses an eye. And also remembering the old "no blood, no foul" rule helps as well.


  1. We play this game during holidays at my Grandma's house...except we call it "Good Butt Space." One must appear early to get "Good Butt Space"; once one has said space, one NEVER abandons it lest "Musical Chairs" begins. Hmm...things at the bottom of the world aren't nearly as different as up here in the real world.