Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The weather is a balmy 34 degrees, and there is sure to be a heat wave party to celebrate. Most of the crew I flew out with have returned from Happy Camper – the outdoor survival school overnighter that happens around here. I did not get to go because Patty is turning over the reins and I am too crushed with patients and learning the ropes in the lab (I start X ray Tech training on Saturday) . It sucks having missed Happy Camper, because I couldn’t join the Ice Barcalounger Carving Competition. Apparently, the boys out on the trip made an ice table and were starting on the Ice carved microwave for the bachelor pad they had going, until one leg fell off their table. I suspect at this point they were having simply too much fun and may have been a little wind mad. Tonight (Thurs) is usually American Night at the Kiwi Base (Scott Base), but it has been cancelled due to ship offload. The ship docked on Mon this week and normally it is a 2-4 day offload. When I got up yesterday, it looked like they had not made much headway. It seems the report about town is they hit 40’ seas and a wicked storm that froze most items to the deck, making it very dangerous to hitch to cranes for lifting. This am, however, the deck seemed cleared on the American Tern and they are making headway into getting items out of the hold. MacTown has been trying to convert to some wind energy to offset the 6 million gallons of fuel per year required to run our generators, and three wind turbines were coming down on this vessel (which should reduce fuel consumption by 8-12%). One of the wind turbines’ blades were damaged in the transit due to the rough seas and despite the crew’s best efforts. Unfortunately, the ship only docks with supplies once per year. Translation: the next ship that can break ice in and replace the damaged parts will likely be next years’ ship offload at this same time. As they say in Wyoming, “Two wind turbines is better than none”.
By the by, for those of you who are astute enough back home, you'll note the date on this blog is 2/5, not 2/4. Remeber I am not only most of a world away, but a day ahead as well. Even though I am a day ahead, never fear - I am still likely a dollar short.


  1. Yay to Skippy or Hedgie (if he got free from the camera wires) or to whoever got the comment thing figured out!!! Man, I can't believe all the times I wanted to be a day ahead (usually to escape the current day); so all I have to do is go to the ice?!?!?!?

  2. Oh, and hey, at least there wasn't a "recreational equipment" ice carving contest. :)

  3. HEY!! This effing thing works now! Yipee! Great posts, sounds like you're settling in well. Amanda