Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi all,
Since someone asked for illumjination on how you could mispronounce FNG, I will shine my weak wattage bulb on this critical issue and spread a little light. Apparently, the first thing that must happen in order to mispronounce FNG, you must be jet lagged. The second crucial element is having a deer in the headlights look. Thirdly, you must overthink all issues. Count number four, you must be so short on sleep that you would even think to pronounce the letter G like gi (say it with me the outfit in karate you wear to perform kata, not like the pronounciation of G like the alphabet song). That's right, in correct native dialect it should be pronounced G as in "Gee, I'm the new guy here, nice to meet you". While the natives will make allowances for brain damage due to natural causes (jet lag, time zones, lack of sleep, too many chocolate cookies), they don't cut you much slack for just being STUPID. For those who need help pronouncing STUPID, simply whack yourself several times on the forehead with a brick. Seven or eight times should be good if you do this with some enthusiasm. Go ahead, feel free to put some oomph into it. Now open your mouth. Trust me...the first sounds that come out will classify you as stupid even if what comes out bears no resemblance to the Queen's english. Just your Language translation tip for the day.

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  1. Got it. Now that we've gotten the FNG mystery solved, what the heck is illumjination? Is that what happens to Skippy when the FNG tries to type?