Wednesday, April 22, 2009

more snow day photos!

what snow day is compleet without a snow angel by Hedgie handler?

second dig out

Well, we had our second big cat 2 snowstorm, and I guess you have just never lived until you have crawled up a door and through a vent hole in order to shovel out and chip out the ice from a boiler room so the mechanic can get in to fix the heat. I am telling everyone the bruise on my cheek is because I took Mike (our Boiler mechanic who is about 6'2" and 230lb) the best 2 out of 3 rounds.

another classis photo of me

Here is another classic photo of me dressed for the weather in 2 coats, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of pants and two paiors of sock - adds to the casual Antarctic "fluffy" look - no slimming silohettes down here ladies!

First snow day dig out (including hut 10 - where a window got broken and the plumber Wally just chillin'

Catching up

Alright. All you sick twisted little puppies who are desperate for entertainment and want to know "has Hedgie fallen off the face of the planet Earth, and where the heck is his handler?", well here is the scoop.
We have had 2 record snowfalls in the past week and a half, and this is supposed to be a god weather time of the year. We have pushed into Category/condition 1 weather 3 times, and I had to cancel my trip to kiwi land for this week due to another weather front moving in even as we speak.
My bid for getting a satellite clinic set up at the New Zealand Scott Base went through and this was to be the 3rd week for me hauling my cookies (and ultrasound) over to the other side of the hill to give PT care to all those cute kiwi lads. The first 2 installations of the clinic (I am a chain franchise now, mom, you'd be so proud - I came down here for a simple job and I am slowly taking over the continent!) went swimmingly well. Regarding the snow storms, I am dumping pictures so you know what it is like when we get a little weather down here. So far I have been out and about safely in the weather following the NSF guidelines lending a hand on to anyone who needs it. Kind of a reality check when a wind gusts hard enough to push out 6'2" boiler mechanic back a few feet as he rounded a corner right ahead of me. So far everyone is playing safely and all is well. Enough cahtting - take a peek at the pictures. Love and miss you all,
Hedgie Handler