Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hedgie scores!

Gave myself a treat and opened the Feb Box from the Pajama Possee. Chock full of great gifts (a set of dominoes, a small box of sweetheart candy – the kind you had in grade school that predicts with each little sugar morsel that you or someone near you is HOT STUFF, a mini bonsai kit which should be a challenge since the sun is already setting slightly and we will hit full dark in the next month or so, some treats for Hedgie, and a Russian Mail Order bride for him as well). Hedgie and his little Babushka disappeared quickly into the empty room that shares my bathroom and I haven’t seen him since. Given the noises they are making in there, I am afraid to open the door for fear it will be a déjà vu of the “trouble with Tribbles” episode on Start Trek where a billion furry things fall out of the hatch and damn near bury William Shatner. It is sad when the Hedgie scores but the handler is left with dominoes and watching a tree grow

1 comment:

  1. Quick! Open the March box, there's something in there to help the handler score. And, no, it's not battery-operated!