Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/13/09 Fri
Today was our second snow storm. We are still in condition three (best weather condition rating), and you can barely see Observation hill from the windows in the clinic (about 400 yards). The wind is howling this morning, combing the driven snow on the ground like wind over the top of ripe wheat in a field, rhythmic and erratic. It is a brisk 20 below here with the wind chill. Watching the snow move on the ground is bewitching – you get the sense you are on the ocean without having left dry land. The volcanic soils add to the fun. It is hard to believe women in New York pay for Dermabrasion treatments, when a simple windstorm here will peel years off the top layers of exposed skin.

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  1. Maybe I should go for a quick visit before the wedding so I have nice glowing (possibly frostbitten) skin.