Sunday, February 15, 2009

For all tose Hedgie-ites who are anxioussly awaiting a new episode, I apologize - the time for writing has been slim. Hedgie's little brain is taxed by good stuff - learning hydroponics to keep part of the herb section (basil and cilantro - eat your heart out Cindy and Scott) of the greenhouse going overwinter, practicing X ray techniques (we have shot our first three patients and done well on extremity and CXR series), and organizing the walking blood bank for Mass Casualty Incident. In all the spare time, we are also adding in diagnostic ultrasound training. Cool beans! Fill up the hard drive of your memory each day with new stuff, sleep on it, ruminate on it, hang it on the back of the door and rub against it like a bear until it seeps into your pores, digest it during your sleep and come back hungry for more the next day. The learning curve is challanging and steep, but there are a great group of preceptors that I want to learn as much as possible from before they all return top the real world. This weekend, time and brain cells allowing, I hope to take all of you on a little "walking tour of my hometown".

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  1. My god, I'm so jealous. You're getting paid to learn all sorts of cool stuff. When you get back, you can teach all of the new rad classes!!! Yay Kai!