Saturday, July 4, 2009

midwinter and beyond (kind of like..."To Infinity and Beyond"

Well, let's see. Can I catch up those three sad reader who are obviously desperate for entertainment? I don't know. I t may be hard to beat Tyvex suits but I will try. Midwinter Dinner (the midseason large celebration down here) went off exceedingly well. Lots of fun for everyone with some very nice touches: the theme was historic antarctic Midwinter dinner, and the menu format and font was copied from Scott's own (but we ate a tad better), there was live acoustic music, great mixing with the kiwis from the other side of the hill, and lots of photos. The next week was the midwinter run, so I will be posting photos of that as well. Bet you can't find me in the pack. It is like "Where's Waldo - the Antarctic version of the home game!

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