Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time warp

Well, How remiss have Hedgie and I been - we have neither of us posted for almost two months!
The monthly box from the girls back home revealed a wonderful birthday surprise : a JJimmy Buffett concern in a box complete with grass skirts, cocnut bra, Live by the Bay CD, and liquid refreshments. You are the greatest! Hedgie mumbled something about wanting a cheeseburger in this little islend paradise, snagged 2 margarita for he and is little Russian bride, and they are even now sleeping it off under the table.

Tel's wedding has come and gone, and I am gearing up on all fronts; between midwinter dinner prep and rolling over a thrid of the base through first aid and CPR training in a three week span, and still keeping up with my normal case load, I am definately learning new ways to be even more efficient.
One interesting break away was working at the waste watwer treatment plant for four days helping to clean out the tanks. You haven't lived till you have shoveled caked poo out of a pit in Antarctica in a tyvex suit. Photos will be forthcoming!
Mid winter Dinner is this weekend, and I will have some stuff to post as well after that (complete with photos!).


  1. Skippy helped with your typing again, didn't he? It's good to hear from you, was beginning to think that you'd frozen down there. Miss you terribly, but glad you hear you enjoyed your Birthday box :)

  2. Ummm... photos. Some things may be best left to the imagination, like anything in tyvex. Grass skirts and coconuts, however...

  3. Glad you posted again - was getting worried that a Yeti may have carried you off! The boys just finished up soccer camp in 100+ degrees with no rain (ughh) but it was a fantastic camp put on by the semi pro soccer team in New Orleans, the Jesters. The guys were great with the kids and easy on the eyes for the moms so no complaints from either side, which left me quite content! We will head off for baseball camp, and either another soccer camp or space camp (I'm pulling for soccer as Marc wants Cody to try out for D1).

    Stay out of the poo and enjoy your Buffett concert!